Thursday, November 13, 2008

Preparations for Twilight Party

Well, I'm about done getting prizes for the Twilight party. There are some posters and a few "surprises". I also ordered some small pins and am making some larger pins in school. I have some pictures I am putting on the pins, but if you have any favorite "sayings" or quotations from the book you would like on a pin, please leave a comment and tell me.

We have around 50 students attending the party. If you received an invitation and can't attend, please let me know because we have several students on the "waiting" list.

I'm getting excited about the party. If you would like to "dress up" to go along with any of the books, please do so - it will be fun to try to guess who you are dressed as.

I'm going to begin reading Breaking Dawn now. While reading Eclipse, I found myself liking Jacob more and more. Edward, somehow, seems too "perfect". Who do you prefer and WHY?



    from Marissa Malerba

  2. Well, im 99% Team Edward. Because I guess thats what everyone looks for in a boyfriend but the other 1% is just how adorable Jacob is! I just love his sense of humor. But i do agree that as i re-read the books (for the 3rd time. haha) i like Jacob more more too. But I am still Team Edward.
    -Marissa Malerba

  3. But Marissa, I'm not sure I would want a "perfect" boyfriend (like Edward). I think it would drive me crazy. What do you think??

  4. I have signed up and am 100% Team Edward. Edward is just so passionate and acts appropriately, but Jacob just acts like a clown all the time and doesn't know when something is just to much. Like when he fooled Bella in Eclipse, that was completely innapropriate! I have read the books 4 times and am planning to re-read them again. This is my favorite book series by far, and if you like these books you will like The Vampire Diaries as well.
    -Tammy Mayzler

  5. You're almost convincing me to reconsider my preference for Jacob!

    I do have a book recommendation for you since you like Twilight so much. I just finished reading Shiver - it's very romantic. One of the characters is a werewolf but reminds me of Edward because of the way he acts.