Saturday, November 1, 2008

Twilight Party

November 18 - Save the date!

The media center will be hosting a Twilight party for students who have read at least one of Stephanie Myer's books. It will be on Tuesday, November 18 from 2:30-3:45.

Ms. Wissink, Mrs. Carvalho, Ms. Martinik, and Mrs. Kazden will be meeting with me this Wednesday after school to plan the party.

What activities and ideas do you have about the party? Please leave your suggestions in the comments - we want this party to be great!!!


  1. Sounds great! Definitely bring chocolate and hmm,,,any chance of candles?

    conflict with actor's club - any chance of moving date???


  2. Chocolate is a strong possibility, but candles are not allowed in school :( We'll have to think of other things that would add to the ambience.
    So sorry there's a conflict with the actor's club - we have over 50 students signed up for the party so I don't think we can change.

  3. Twilight is the bestest book ever. The party is going to be amazing. The movie, not so much. It will be hard to sit through the movie without getting up and screaming at the movie. The people who have never read the book and will just see the movie will think differently and they will never know the truth!!! >

  4. Why aren't you looking forward to the movie? I know books are almost always better than the movie, but maybe Twilight (the movie) will be good. I'm looking forward to see how they portray the Cullins family.
    What are you afraid of with the movie??

  5. All the characters are going to be different. Alice has a very high voice and says things that never were said in the book. Also, I have asked and heared many opinions about the Edward character and all of the ideas were bad. My friends and I are also part of the large group that dislikes the Edward character. Except one person.