Friday, March 20, 2009

Student Library Advisory Board Reviews

Check out these books recommended by Amity Middle School-Bethany students.


Girl V. Boy is an amazing story. It is about two anonymous writers (a boy and a girl) who share a column in their high school newspaper. But neither knows who the other is. They start out writing about the competition within their school and the competition between them and other schools. Eventually, the articles become an argument between the two. Meanwhile, the girl is working hard to help her families with the bills and is trying to find the perfect boyfriend. Will things work out for her in the end or will her nemesis turn out to be the one person she loves?

By Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson knew that he was always a normal kid (Oh, really!) until he finds out that his true father is the Greek god Poseidon. He then must go on a quest to find the lightning bolt of Zeus. Can he trust his friends and the gifts???? The Lightning Thief is a book that I would recommend to every one that likes fantasy, mythology, and mystical creatures. Rick Riordan really showed many details in this book.

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