Wednesday, June 3, 2009

David Lubar's Books

If you haven't read David Lubar's books, you are in for a treat! Some books have more serious themes than others, but all are hilarious

One of my favorites is Dunk. Chad lives near a boardwalk in New Jersey. He wants to get a summer job and is entranced by a "Bozo" whose job is to insult people walking by and get them mad enough at him to want to buy balls to hit a target and dunk him in the dunk tank. This book is about Chad and his family and friends during a summer that ultimately becomes tragic. This book has everything: humor, excitement, and serious themes.

Hidden Talents is a favorite of my students. Edgeview Alternative School is a school for students who do not belong anywhere else. Martin, 13 years-old, has been kicked out of every school in his district and now must attend Edgeview. He must get along with his roommate, Torchie, who likes to start fires. His other classmates have strange "talents" also. Unfortunately, Martin cannot get along with everyone and soon Martin and his friends battle with Bloodbath and his gang.

This battle will ultimately decide the fate of the school. Readers will be on the edge of their seats until the final page. I have had students who haven't liked to read pick this book up and fly through it. If you like Hidden Talents, be sure to read the sequel True Talents.

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie is an entertaining novel about Scott's freshman year in high school. Everyone tries to find where they fit in a new school. Read this very funny book about Scott's adventures while he is trying to find his way in a new school. We read all about his insecurities and along the way find out the very embarrassing (to him) revelation that his mother is expecting a baby. This is a really good book that will have you laughing out loud as you read.

Flip is a very entertaining book about twins who discover alien disks which allow them to become historical figures from the past. Ryan's first try turns him into Babe Ruth, and he impresses his classmates with his home runs. Ryan loves to escape by using the discs, but does "flipping" the alien disks have a dangerous side effects? This book has very short chapters that make this a quick and funny read.

What a fun book! Punished! is the story of Logan who accidentally collides with the mysterious Professor Wordsworth in the reference section of the library. Immediately after his encounter with the Professor, Logan realizes something is definitely wrong-everyone groans whenever he talks! Logan realizes he is speaking in puns. Students love this VERY short book - very clever and entertaining. It's sometimes hard to get this book back to the library because students like to read it multiple times.

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  1. After TExES exam, i need these types of books to read.Now i am feeling better.