Monday, June 8, 2009

Runner by Carl Deuker

Runner by Carl Deuker is about a high school senior, Chance Taylor, who must not only take care of himself and earn enough money to pay the rent and buy food, but also must take care of his alcoholic father. Chance has quit the track team because he doesn't have enough money to buy good running shoes but he still runs at every opportunity along the ocean front where he lives. He and his father don't have enough money to pay the rent for the boat they live on, so when an opportunity comes up that seems too good to be true, Chance must take it. He must deliver the packages he finds to the marina worker who hired him. Things seem more complicated when the packages change shape and texture and the marina police begin to show up. Is Chance delivering drugs or is it something even more deadly?
This was a very fast read: I finished it on one Sunday and couldn't put it down.

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