Thursday, August 27, 2009

Box Out and The Real Real

Sure, Box Out by John Coy is primarily about basketball, but it is also a book that will make you think and maybe even question some of your own actions and values. Liam, a JV player, is thrilled to be put on the varsity team. But his new coach is a lot different - he requires his players to pray before games and also seems to be baiting Darius, the only African American on the team. You don't have to be a basketball player to really enjoy this book - I really liked it! Coy has also written Crackback, a book about football.

On a totally different topic: The Real Real by Emma MCLaughlin and Niclola Kraus is a book that will appeal mostly to girls - primarily girls 8th grade and above.
This is about reality tv at its worst. Jesse is selected to be part of an elite group of students at her school to be followed around by cameras and be part of the new teenage reality show The Real Hampton Beach. Jesse accepts because of the $40,000 scholarship that is part of the deal. At first it is a minor annoyance but soon turns into a life-changing event. The producers of the show will do ANYTHING to make the show a hit. This is a fast read for more mature readers.

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