Friday, August 14, 2009

More Nutmeg Nominees

Well, I haven't been blogging, but I have been reading some great books. First, I'll review some of the Nutmeg nominees-

Accidental Love by Gary Soto
This is a really short book you could read in a night or two. Marisa, street tough, loses her phone when you punches out her girlfriend's boyfriend and accidentally picks up Rene's phone. When exchanging the phones, Marisa is intrigued by Rene who is a total nerd - exactly her opposite. This book goes deeper than a traditional love story because the reader is exposed to two different worlds - an inner city school where the students go to school with broken equipment and teachers just trying to get through the day and a school which sounds very much like Amity.
Really enjoyed this book!

Crackback by John Coy
Did you ever have a coach who has it in for you? Miles Manning isn't a great student, has problems with acne and with girls, lives with a very controlling father, but has one thing going for him: he is GREAT at football. His team is planning a great season, until his coach gets sick and has to step down and the new coach can't stand Miles.
I liked this book because it surprised me in parts - not the same old boy overcomes everything and saves the day. I think girls will enjoy this book, also- I did!

Epic by Conor Kostick
In the future, violence is banned in the United States. You could be killed for something as simple as having a fist-fight with your best friend. Society is governed by playing a computer game. All conflicts are also resolved by picking your avatar and earning money for weapons - then resolving the conflict through the game. If you lose, your life is worth nothing both in and out of the game. This is a very fast-paced interesting read!

Caroline Cooney is a great author who writes very fast-paced books and Code Orange is no exception. This novel is told through the eyes of Mitty Blake, a cool New Yorker, who only cares about hanging out with his friends. When he must pick a disease to research, he is more surprised than anyone when he actually begins to work on the paper. However, in one of the very old books he uses for research, he finds some smallpox scabs and before he realizes they could still be contagious, gets the virus on his hands and face. I don't want to ruin it for you, so I won't go on except to say, that I enjoyed the characterization of Mitty as much as I did the very exciting mystery!

Pieces of Georgia by Jen Bryant will take you an hour or two to read but is story that you will remember far longer. Because Georgia is having difficulty dealing with the death of her mother, the school counselor gives her a journal to write in. In this journal we read about Georgia's label of being an "at risk" student in school, her relationship with her father, and about the anonymous gift of a membership in an art museum that changes Georgia's life. Students interested in art will also enjoy this book!

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