Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two Good Reads

I absolutely enjoyed Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee. Maybelline Chestnut can't decide on her hair color, must live with her self-absorbed mother, and ends up running away after her mother's boyfriend tells lies about her.
Maybe and two friends drive across the country to California where her friend is going to attend college and also, to hopefully find her father whom she has never met.
I fell in love with Maybe and couldn't stop reading this book. The characters are lively and colorful and the plot is fast-moving - great book!

Not as Crazy as I Seem by George Harraris is told from the point of view of Devon Brown, a boy who can't eat in the school cafeteria, can't sit on the chair of his psychiatrist's office, must eat things in groups of four and may be the only boy in America to have a too-neat room.
Devon has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and must learn how to overcome his obsessions. Devon is a smart, funny character and it's interesting to read about his life from his point of view. Devon does end up in serious trouble in school - does he become a snitch or is he kicked out of school and take the fall for his only friend?

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