Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Amanda Project: Book 1 invisible i by Stella Lennon and Melissa Kantor

Callie is an I-Girl, you know the type, one of the popular, cool girls. She mostly hangs around with the I-Girl crowd, but does have one friend outside of her clique: Amanda. The only problem is Amanda is missing, and she is leaving behind clues that only make Callie more confused.
This is an interesting read and middle school girls will be able to relate to the different cliques in the book. But Callie's life is not all what it seems to be - her mother left and her father is dealing with problems of his own.
One of the interesting things about this book, and also one of the most frustrating to me, is how the book just ends. I know it's Book One in a series, but geesh! There is a Website the reader can go to that is supposed to be even better than the book - which I thought (despite the ending) was a great read!

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