Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Hunger Games Party and Activities

*****Be sure to check out our lastest Hunger Games Party posted on March 9, 2012****

We had our Hunger Games party a few days ago and both teachers and students had a great time. Below I will share every little detail of our party. If you have any questions, please let me know. Twelve people (the gamemakers) worked on this including 3 math teachers, 1 social studies teacher, 2 reading, 1 computer,  1 English, 1 assistant principal, 2 media specialists, and the media secretary. I work in a terrific school!
Basically, we divided the students into 8 groups (districts) of 4 or 5 students each. Each district received a scorecard and each gamemaker received a schedule. Since the party was held after school, we had to work within an hour and 15 minute time frame since students had to leave at 3:45. Don't panic if this doesn't make sense right now, links to everything are provided below.

There were 3 main activities:
Triva - 4 groups at a time (30 minutes)
Cornucopia challenge - 2 groups at a time (15 minutes)
Physical challenge - 2 groups at a time (15 minutes)

Half of the students (4 districts) began in Trivia. (The other 4 districts were divided between the Cornucopia and Physical challenges.) While completing the trivia contest, students also received a Hunger Game button that we made and entered their names into a raffle for the next book Mockingjay. We are a 7/8 middle school - so we had a raffle for the seventh grade (the winner will pick up the book in the fall here). The high school media specialist came and will provide the book for the winner of the eighth grade on the first day of high school - media relations at its finest! We held the trivia contest in the cafe and students had snacks (trial mix and juice boxes) while they worked on the questions. Teachers had to correct and put the score on the districts' scorecard.
After 30 minutes, the trivia students are off to the Cornucopia (2 districts) or the physical challenge (2 districts). All this is explained in the schedule. The Cornucopia challenge is especially interesting - be sure you click on the link below for the explanation. There is also a link to just about any trivia question you may need.
You can find links to everything (invitations, scorecard, trivia questions/answers, cornucopia and physical challenges) on the Amity Middle School - Bethany Library Media Site here:

At the end of the party, we assembled in the media center, added up the scorecards, picked the raffle winners, and awarded medals to the top three districts.

I would be interested in hearing about any other ideas for this party and also would love to hear from anyone who tries our ideas. Have fun!


  1. I was so excited to see this I am doing a Hunger Games Party and Activities at My Library this summer, will use some of your ideas

  2. Let me know how the party goes - we had so much fun at ours!

  3. Great ideas! We are also planning a summer reading event using Hunger Games as the theme. Any ideas for activities while they're reading the book?

  4. Phenomenal material you folks have shared. I just had a great program on Saturday! Thank you, thank you!
    Ellen Snoeyenbos

  5. You're very welcome, Ellen! I'm so glad your program went well.

    We will have another party on the entire series sometime this year.

    Did you include activities on Catching Fire and Mockingjay, too?
    Any ideas you could share?

  6. Thanks so much for your ideas! We just held a "Hungry Library Games" party based on The Hunger Games for our teens to celebrate Teen Read Week Oct. 22, 2010. It was great fun and your plans helped us immensely. Thanks again! I'll be posting to the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICFL) newsletter, The Scoop, and giving you credit.
    Kath Ann Hendricks, Marshall Public Library, Young Adult Librarian

  7. Wow!!!! I am very interested in this party you had and am going to attempt it in March for Read Across America. In reflection, are there any things you would change if you were going to do it again?
    How many total students did you have and did you put a limit on it?

  8. Love your ideas! Could you post the invitation as a PDF? I cannot open publisher on my computer. Thanks!

  9. Awesome ideas! Could you post the invitation as a PDF also? I cannot open publisher on my home computer. Thanks!

  10. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I host a Boys Book Tribe once a month for 10, 10-year-olds. The group meets for about an hour. It's proven difficult in past meetings to keep the focus on the book and keep a lid on the 5th grade crazy. I used the trivia game and cornucopia game yesterday and it was a HUGE hit! We even repeated the cornucopia event and ran long...happily. The bar has been raised, significantly. Thank you again! Lori, Detroit

  11. Our middle school is having one on March 15, 2012. Any student who takes an AR test on the book is invited. Our middle school consists of over 600 students. I am expecting 150 kids to attend. We are using two class periods for the activities using 5 different stations. Pictures will be posted at after the party!May the odds be ever in your favor.