Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Girl Who Threw Butterflies by Mick Cochrane

Eighth grader Molly Williams has her life turned upside-down when her father dies and her mother becomes despressed and detached.

Molly and her father spent a lot of their free time throwning a baseball back and forth. He taught her how to throw a knuckleball - a pitch that almost no one can hit - right before the baseball goes over the plate, it dips and hops, then sails over the plate in the strike zone.

Molly decides to join the boys' baseball team and this is the story about how she earns a spot on the team.

I loved the way this novel didn't hit you over the head with "life-lessons", but showed the reader a slice of life and how Molly and her teammates and coaches learned to accept and respect one another.

There is a tiny bit of romance - just enough to keep the interest of girls who are not "girly-girly", and who like to read about a girl who may be just like they are. This is a short book and a quick read that you will remember long after you finish reading.

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