Sunday, July 11, 2010

Snap by Carol Snow

Pardon the pun, but girls will "snap" this book right up ... and finish it in one or two readings!

Madison has it all. She is entering her sophomore year of high school as the photographer of her school paper, a beautiful house, nice clothes, and a cool best friend.

Her parents take her on a beach vacation to Sandyland and, unbeknowst to Madison, don't plan on returning to her hometown - ever. Her father has lost his job, her mother is constantly criticizing, and maybe worst of all, Madison's father left her suitcase with all her clothes back at the house.

Madison has brought her camera on vacation and suddenly finds herself caught up in a mystery - a weird mystery where people who turn up dead suddenly appear in her pictures.

This is a page turner, and I finished this book in one day. It has it all: an intelligent, wise-cracking main character, a maybe new romance, and a chilling mystery. Read this book - you'll love it!

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