Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Did fairy tales ever scare you when you were small? Did you like the story "Little Red Riding Hood"? If you did, then read Sisters Red, a VERY modern retelling of the classic tale.

Scarlette and Rosie are sisters who have a big grudge against the Fenris - werewolves who at first seem to be very charming men, then turn into wolves who prey on young, pretty women. Scarlette, the older sister who has scars of a past encounter, has decided to turn into the hunter and tries to entice werewolves to her so she can kill them.

So, yes, this book is violent at times, but it is also funny and romantic in other parts. Sisters Red is told in alternating points of view. Scarlete is determined to protect other young girls from going through what she went through, and Rosie, the younger sister, dreams of a life away from hunting werewolves and is beginning to fall in love with Silas, Scarlette's only friend.

If you like action-packed novels with strong female characters, deadly villains, with a little forbidden romance thrown in, then read this book!

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