Monday, August 23, 2010

Tell Us We're Home by Marina Budhos

Jayla, Maria, and Lola are eighth grade girls who live in the wealthy community of Meadowbrook, New Jersey. They like all the things other eighth grade girls like: nice clothes, being with friends, and maybe going to the big spring dance. The one big difference between Jayla, Maria, Lola and their classmates is the fact that their mothers are maids and nannies for the families of their classmates.

One day Jaya's mother is accused of stealing from the woman she keeps house for. Now Jaya's mom is fired and they may have to move. The other girls also have problems. Maria likes and is tutoring a boy in
Spanish, but is he just using her? Lola ends up having to go to a therapist for anger management issues.

 On one level, this is a very sweet book about the friendship among these three girls, but on a deeper level this book will make the reader very angry.  Throughout the book, we are aware of the great divide between the wealthy townspeople and the lives of the immigrants who work in their homes.

I highly recommend this one.

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