Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Med Head by James Patterson and Hal Friedman

Cory has been on a medication since he was four years old. He has Tourette's syndrome which makes him have uncontrollable tics and OCD which makes him have uncontrollable urges. The subtitle "My Knock-Down, Drag-Out, Drugged-Up Battle With My Brain" pretty much sums up Corey's battle with his illnesses.

Year after year, Cory is put on a smorgasbord of drugs - a little of this drug, more of that drug, and a change of medication every time his condition worsened.

Through it all, Cory attends school, tries to make friends, and at times just tries to survive. This is a very powerful true story told from Cory's point of view. If you or a friend or family member has ever struggled with OCD, ADD, or any illness that requires medication, this is a must read.

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