Monday, October 25, 2010

Ruined by Paula Morris

Students are always asking me to recommend a good ghost story - I've finally found one that I think all students will enjoy! Ruined takes place in New Orleans, and along with being a ghost story, it's also a romance that deals with contemporary teenage issues.

Rebecca is sent to live with her aunt in New Orleans while her father is working in China. Her aunt is a tarot card reader and the house she lives in is spooky and filled with things to ward off evil spirits - and it's across the street from Lafayette Cemetery. While she is living with her aunt, Rebecca must attend a snooty school for rich girls - girls who do not want her around.

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) Rebecca meets Anton Grey, a very cute guy, who is also friends with one of the richest, snootiest girls in town.

And I should be sure to mention Lisette, a ghost, who has been around for over a hundred years and can't rest until her untimely death is avenged.

This is a great page-turner. I really enjoyed reading this book and trying to piece together the mystery.

5 stars  Be warned! This book is a page turner. I really enjoyed this book and it has kept me up all night to finish. The book itself is a bit short but you should read very carefully to decipher the mystery. -The Book Thief (8th grade girl)


  1. I enjoy this book(: I'm on page 92 and I can't stop reading it! Love your book!

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