Monday, January 31, 2011

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Andi's younger brother is dead. Her mother isn't coping very well and just obsessively paints his picture over and over. Her father left the family and buries himself in work. When her father makes an unexpected visit to see why Andi is in danger of being expelled from the prestigious private school she attends, he is alarmed and makes her fly to Paris with him during spring vacation.

In Paris, Andi meets Virgil who not only is a musician like she is, but is also handsome and kind. Together they explore the catacombs of Paris and go deeper and deeper into the underground burial site.

There are some secrets Andi hasn't told Virgil - or anyone. In an antique guitar case, she finds a journal from Alexandrine, a girl who lived during the French Revolution. Donnelly has written a story within a story before in A Northern Light, and she does it very well. I typically only get drawn into the main story and not the secondary one, but in both of Donnelly's books I was also riveted by the story told within the pages of the diary.

This is a great story which will interest many different types of readers. Lovers of music (from rap to Beethoven), historical fiction, and romance will enjoy this novel. I think with a different cover, boys would enjoy it also.

Want to know more? Check out the book trailer:

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