Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Complete History of Why I Hate Her by Jennifer Rich

Nola is looking forward to the summer. She is going to Maine to be a waitress at a resort. She is looking forward to living there for the summer and leaving her troubles behind. Nola's younger sister, Song, has cancer and Nola just wants to escape for a few months. On the bus ride to Maine, Nola meets Carly - a girl her age who is carefree, fun, and adventurous - everything Nola would like to be.                 But as summer goes on and Nola meets other girls (and a few cute boys, as well) she becomes aware that Carly isn't as perfect as she seems. Carly cuts and dyes her hair to look exactly like Nola's; Carly tries to steal the boy Nola is interested in; and lastly, Carly begins to write letters to Song and encourages her to visit the resort in Maine. Is Carly really a good friend or does she have sinister intentions?      This was a fast read that kept me interested throughout.

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