Monday, May 23, 2011

Close to Famous by Joan Bauer

Foster is making the world a better place - one cupcake at a time. Joan Bauer is one author who can take a character and a small town, put them together, and make you care deeply for both.                                                                                                 I now have a new favorite character: Foster McFee. She is feisty, fiercely protective of her mother, and a passionate baker. Foster is also a girl with a big secret she doesn't want anyone in her new town to know.                                                                                       Close to Famous is filled with quirky characters and delicious baking secrets. Do not read this book when you are hungry! I'm not a big baker, but Bauer has me thinking of making butterscotch muffins and chocolate cupcakes.                                                   This is a great read that you can finish in a day or two. Close to Famous will leave you feeling good, if albeit, a little hungry!

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