Monday, May 16, 2011

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Fans of The Hunger Games will see many similarities in Divergent. At first this bothered me, then I got caught up in the writing, characters, and fast-moving plot, and was swept into this novel.                                                                                       

When teenagers turn sixteen, they must make a momentous decision. Each must decide on which of 5 factions, or groups, they will join. Sixteen year-old Beatrice's family are all Abnegation, the faction who live to serve others and never think of themselves.Tris (Beatrice) and others take a test to determine which faction suits them best. Tris' result is inconclusive; she is divergent and is told she must never reveal the test results to anyone. However, Tris wants to join the Dauntless faction who protect others with their fearless deeds and actions. Tris and others who want to join Dauntless must prove their worth - not everyone gets in.

Even though I was pulled into this dystopian world, I did flinch from some of the violence in this book. I'm usually not bothered by violence in novels, but some of this seemed excessive. I will recommend this book to my students along with a strong warning about some of the content.


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