Monday, May 16, 2011

Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt

Okay for Now is one of the great ones! A book that is so well-written I would remember the main characters when I put the book down and thought about them until I was able to read again.

Readers who like baseball, drawing, birds (!), and just plain reading a great story will love Okay for Now. Doug Swieteck is a great kid who lives in a pretty awful family. His oldest brother is in Vietnam, his other brother picks on him mercilessly, and his father has trouble controlling his temper.

Joe Pepitone gave Doug his New York Yankee baseball cap which quickly gets taken away by his brother and promptly lost. Doug's father loses his job and the family must move to dumb Marysville. Doug knows no one in the new town and now his brother is accused of stealing. In short, Doug's life is a mess.

But slowly, Doug meets Lil, a girl his age, and is befriended by some people in town and gradually his life gets better. It's hard for me to adequately describe this book and its predecessor, The Wednesday Wars,  but every student I have given this book to has loved it - boys and girls alike. The only (very) slight problem I have with this book is the changes that occur in the family at the end of the book occure rather abruptly. Maybe there will be another sequel where the character changes are explained. And I'll be first in line to read it!

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