Monday, May 23, 2011

Rival by Sara Bennett Wealer

Rival is told from the point of view of two senior girls, who both are gifted musically, and who are now rivals. You can feel the animosity between the two girls even when they are just in the same room.

This story is beautifully written and flashes back and forth from senior to junior year in high school. Kathryn, a soprano in the choir, is used to being a loner with just one friend. Brooke, an alto, is one of the rich, popular girls in school who has dozens of hanger-oners just waiting to do her bidding. They do become friends because of their passion for music, but now they are bitter enemies, and the reader must piece together why.

These characters, however, are NOT cliches; they are fully-developed characters with nuances and depth. Even when I thought I knew how the characters would act, I was proven wrong again and again. Life isn't cliched; people often have a depth not easily seen on the surface.

There's a lot to this novel. It's about friendships, romances, and school. But mostly it's about music and two high school girls who are passionately pursuing their musical dreams.

Read this one; you'll be happy you did!

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