Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Warp Speed by Lisa Yee

Marley Sandelski lives with his parents above the Rialto Theater. He's in middle school, is a Star Trek geek, has a crush on Emily Ebers, and is bullied every day by the "Gorn."   I liked this book because of the humor, the realistic relationship between Marley and his parents, and the way Yee depicts the other "fringe" kids and the relationships in middle school, which can be very complicated.          Marley is a well-drawn character; he "accidentally" makes the track team when the coach sees him run from the "Gorn", he slips into speaking Klingon when he is nervous, and good-naturedly models a plastic bag dress because he is trying to impress Emily.     This is a quick read that I think is much deeper than it first appears. To view a book trailer for Warp Speed, click here:

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