Friday, September 9, 2011

Beyond Lucky by Sarah Aronson

Do you have any lucky superstitions - things you do before a game or a test in school?

"Jerry MacDonald has no pre-game rituals. He wakes up, jumps out of bed, and eats whatever looks good. Even though we have to be on the soccer field in forty-five minutes, he shows up at my house and starts playing solitaire on my computer."

Ari, however, has many rituals before soccer games. He eats a bowl of frosted cornflakes with half a cup of puffed rice and one third of a banana, wears his brother Sam's U Mass T-shirt, does fifty push-ups, recites the American presidents in order, and lastly reads his daily horoscope in the paper.

Although this is a story about Ari, Mac, and their soccer team as they try to make the U-thirteen, Division One soccer team, it is also a story about friendship, betrayal, and growing up.

This is a fast read that I think middle schoolers will enjoy, especially those who love sports.

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