Tuesday, October 4, 2011

all these things i've done by Gabrielle Zevin

When I saw that Gabrielle Zevin, author of Elsewhere, wrote a new book I couldn't wait to read it - and I was so happy I did!  all these things i've done is a very interesting dystopian novel which takes place in the future where chocolate and coffee are outlawed and books and paper are in short supply.

Sixteen-year-old Anya is the daughter of the city's most notorious crime boss. Her father was in the chocolate smuggling business and Anya's family still has stashes of illegal chocolate.

Anya 's life is full - she takes care of her grandmother, brother and sister, goes to school, and is trying very hard not to fall in love with Win, the son of the assistant District Attorney. But love sometimes happens despite our best intentions, but although she and Winn begin to date, Anya knows she must keep her family's secrets from him.

But when her ex boyfriend almost dies from one of her chocolate bars, Anya needs Win's father to help get her out of jail.

This is a great book - full of suspense, romance, and interesting characters.

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