Thursday, October 6, 2011

Angel Burn by l.a. weatherly

I've read other books lately, where people have been angels here on Earth, but this is the first book where angels are the bad guys who want to destroy all humans.

However, Willow is part angel, and although she is different from other girls (she can tell the future and is an expert repairing cars), she is not at all evil. In fact, when an angel spots Willow, he can tell that she has the power to destroy all angels. She must be killed before she realizes she has that power!

Alex is an angel killer and works for the CIA without realizing at first that the CIA has been infiltrated by angels and is using Alex to actually kill the good guys.

Alex receives a message from the CIA that he must kill Willow and seeks her out, but before he kills her, he realizes she is different than the other angels. However, he does have his orders which he has never disobeyed in the past.

Read this very exciting, adventure-filled book to find out what Alex decides to do. This is the first book in a triology - I can't wait to read the others! Highly recommended!

4 stars  I couldn't put the book down. It's very good; waiting for the sequel!-A (8th grade girl)

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