Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Emma and Josh are next-door neighbors who live in the year 1996. Not every household has a computer, and those who do, don't always have the internet.

Josh brings Emma an AOL CD so she can go online. But --- when Emma puts the AOL disk in, Facebook pops up ---and Facebook hasn't even been invented yet!

The picture on the page looks just like Emma, but older. Her status is married! And, the adult Emma doesn't seem all that happy.

When they type in Josh's name, however, they see a photograph of a beautiful house on the lake, twin babies, and a beautiful wife (actually a senior who goes to his school and is considered the hottest girl in school.) Josh is estactic, especially since he's hardly even dated.

Emma is upset; Josh is wildly happy with this vision of their futures, but when they login the next day, things are different. Why? Does what they do in the present change our future?

Would you want to know your future? How far would you go to change it, if you didn't like what you saw? This is a fascinating book that will appeal to both boys and girls in middle school and up. There are some sexual references, so I would recommend The Future of Us to grade 8 and above.


  1. I am reading this right now :)

  2. This book looks really intriguing. I'll look forward to borrowing it as soon as its available. I've been having fun during winter break reading some free short novels I'd downloaded to iBooks on my iPad.
    Happy time to read to all.
    Mrs. Stanley