Monday, November 7, 2011

Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Another book for fans of dystopian novels. Fifteen-year-old Waverly lives on the Empyrean, a spaceship headed for the New Earth. She and her boyfriend, Kieran, are part of the first generation of children born on the Empyrean, and along with this comes the duty to carry on the human race.  Waverly must decide if Kieran really is the right boy for her when suddenly that decision becomes immaterial when the Empyrean is attacked by the New Horizon, another ship bound towards the New Earth.

After a violent battle, all the young girls are taken hostage from the Empyrean. Anne Mather, leader of the New Horizon is one of the great villains in YA literature. She is devious, ruthless, and will stop at nothing (including killing) to ensure the New Horizon will have a new generation of children aboard.

This book is a little more mature than some dystopian novels - it does have violence and some sexual content - so I'm recommending this to only mature readers in eighth grade and up.

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