Monday, November 7, 2011

Right Behind You by Gail Giles

Kip did a horrific thing when he was just nine years old - he set his seven year-old neighbor on fire and killed him- all because he was jealous of a baseball glove.

Kip spends four years in a mental hospital, but now that it is time to leave, he is unsure of how he can fit in. He and his father move from Alaska to Indiana where he changes his name and attends the local high school. Miraculously, he fits in, makes friends, and creates a new life until ...

During a celebratory party after a swimming match, Kip (now Wade) drinks and things get out of control. He confesses everything to his new friends. Can they handle this or will they think he has lied to them?

Kip is a narrator you will root for. He tells his story with honesty and courage. How much does your past define you? Must you always live with guilt when you have done something horrible? This is a very quick read that I think both boys and girls will race through.

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