Friday, December 16, 2011

Legend by Marie Lu

I promise, I will read something other than dystopian soon. When some books come into the library, they are just too tempting, and I must read them immediately!!

Legend was one of the tempting books and it lived up to its promise - it was great!

Day and June are the main characters and are on opposite sides of the law. Day is a rebel, fighting against the government, and June is a 15 year-old girl, quickly rising to the top ranks of the government's army. They meet when June is working undercover on the streets. Because June thinks Day killed her brother, she is hunting him down and wants to capture him knowing that if Day is captured, he will be killed.

But June gets to know Day, and begins to think Day is not a murderer, and in fact, seems like a caring and intelligent young man. They are very much like a dystopian Romeo and Juliet.

Legend is very fast-paced, a little on the bloody and violent side, but altogether a gripping story. I loved it, and if you like dystopian novels, you will love it, too!

Now, on to find some other genre to read. Any titles you can suggest?

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  1. My son went by the name of Day in elementary school, but is now Vid. I'll have to read this if only for the character's name!