Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Boys Really Want by Pete Hautman

Lita and Adam have been friends forever. Neither really understands why the opposite sex acts the way they do. And when Lita jokingly tells Adam to "...write a book explaining why boys are such idiots." he does, but the only glitch is Adam isn't a writer. He finds he really has nothing much to say.

So Adam "borrows" some advice from an online advice column.

Q: What do boys want more-sex or love?

A: Most boys would probably answer "sex," but that is only because they never get any. For the real answer, go google the word sex. You will get a couple billion hits. Now google the word love. You will get four times as many.
                                         - from What Boys Want

Surprisingly, Adam finishes his book and gets it published. But when it becomes wildly popular, Lita stops speaking to him.

This novel is told in alternate points of view. We get to see what boys (and girls) really do want. Read this book to see what it is!

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