Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dead To You by Lisa McMann

I love when I'm on a reading tear - finishing a book every few days! It usually means that I'm choosing really good books, and this one is no exception.

Do you love books with surprise endings? This was one of those books that when I finished a chapter, I would have to read the next one, then the next ... I thought I figured out the ending several times and then kept changing my mind.

The narrator of this book is sixteen-year-old Ethan who was abducted from his front yard when he was seven years old. Ethan lived with Ellen, his totally unsuitable "mother" for many years, then she just dropped him off at a group home and never returned for him.

Things were so bad at the group home, Ethan runs away and lives on the streets. He soon finds himself at the library looking at websites about missing children. And happily, he finds  his family and is soon reunited with them.

But the reunion doesn't go as smoothly as Ethan hopes. His younger brother Blake, especially, is having a difficult time with Ethan's return. When completing a biology unit on genetics, Blake begins to suspect Ethan isn't really his brother.

Students who like shorter, suspenseful books will love this one; however, some of the language and themes are more suitable for grade 8 students and older.  I would love to talk to people who have finished this book about your feelings about the ending. I know what I think should happen next ... Lisa McMann, if you're reading this, please do a sequel where Ethan returns -

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