Monday, June 4, 2012

You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis

Luna's mother was hit by a car and died. She and her father and brother are trying to deal with their grief and put their lives back together.

Luna discovers her mother's cell phone and finds there are seven messages on it that may lead to clues to exactly how and why her mother died.

Meanwhile, Luna turns fifteen and introduces herself to Oliver, the very cool boy across the street. Oliver and Luna begin to date and both begin to track down the messages on the phone one by one.

Luna finds she didn't really know everything about her mother and realizes her father is keeping secrets from her.

I was amazed at how motivated I was to keep reading this book. Lewis has a way of writing that makes the reader need to know what the next clue is and the next ...

I would recommend this book to mature middle school girls. There's mystery, intrigue, and lots of romance!

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