Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Revived by Cat Patrick

Daisy Appleby was in a terrible bus accident, and she, along with a bus full of other children and adults, died in the crash. But Daisy, along with twenty other children, was given a secret drug and was revived. All were relocated to other parts of the country so no one would know.

Daisy, who is an orphan, lives with two scientists who are researching the drug Revive. She has died and been revived five times (allergic to bees) and has had to relocate and begin her life all over again each time she is brought back to life.

They move to Omaha, Nebraska, and Daisy begins to rebuild her life-again. But for the first time, Daisy makes a friend, a good friend who also has a very cute brother. Audrey is smart, has cute clothes, and befriends Daisy, the new kid in school. Unfortunately, Audrey also has cancer. When Daisy and Matt, Audrey's brother, begin to date, he is the very first person ever that Daisy tells about the secret drug. Matt, of course, urges Daisy to use Revive on Audrey. What happens when she refuses? There is also a very sinister subplot in Revived. Who is the mastermind behind the drug, and is Daisy's life in danger once she tells their secret?

This was a great  book by the author of Forgotten. Cat Patrick has written two very original  books that will keep the reader intrigued until the very last page.

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