Monday, September 24, 2012

The Encyclopedia of Me by Karen Rivers

When I was thirteen, I would have loved to be friends with Tink Aaron-Martin. She's smart, sassy, and independent. She's also in trouble, big-time, with her parents and grounded for most of the summer.

So she decides to write her own encyclopedia about her life including her twin brothers (one happens to be autistic), her parents, her (ex)best friend, her cute next door neighbor, Kai, and her new found passion for skateboarding.

Here's Tink's entry for I:

Ice Cream Incident, The

Ice cream is a frozen dessert enjoyed by everyone. Go ahead, show me someone who does not like ice cream. You can't, can you? Because everyone likes it. Because it is delicious.
This entry is not really about ice cream.
                                                         It is about kissing.
                                                         It is a long-ish story...

I found myself reading all the footnotes (I never do that!) and going back and cross-referencing and rereading entries. If you can't be friends with someone like Tink, do the next best thing and read this book! It's fun, fun, fun!

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