Friday, December 7, 2012

Kiss and Make Up by Katie D. Anderson

Sixteen-year-old Emerson has two problems: one-she has never kissed a boy and two- she may fail out of her private school.

The solution she comes up with is both unique and hilarious!

Emerson realizes that when she kisses her aunt goodnight, she is able to "read" her mind and soon comes up with a plan to "kiss her way to good grades" by kissing the brainiest boys in her class.

Her plan goes awry (of course) when she falls for the nerd next door and he wants nothing to do with her since she has kissed most of his friends.

I like this book because I loved watching Emerson's transformation through the book. She begins as a shallow teenager just interested in makeup and finding the easiest way to improve her grades to a girl with much depth and compassion for her family and friends.

This is a very enjoyable book to read that I know middle school girls will enjoy!

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