Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear George Clooney Please Marry My Mother by Susin Nielsen

Very charming story with an irrepressible main character!

Violet's father left her mother and married a blonde actress he met while he was directing a film. She now has 2 adorable half-sisters in addition to her five-year-old sister Rosie.

Violet's mother doesn't have much luck in the romance department. She has a series of dates with one loser after another until she meets the one ... Dudley Wiener.

Violet decides her mother needs her help and writes a letter to George Clooney whom her mother met briefly when she was a make-up artist for the movie business.

Violet's escapades include convincing her step-sisters that the cat poop in their sandbox was chocolate that Santa left for them, spying on Dudley, and "borrowing" a golf cart on the movie set.

Very fun story that middle school girls should love!

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