Monday, January 14, 2013

No Ordinary Day by Deborah Ellis

What an impact a short book can have!

Valli has everything: a great personality, a positive attitude, and wisdom beyond her years.

But Valli also has nothing: no home, no parents, and no worldly possessions.

Valli hitches a ride on the back of a coal truck to a city in India where she has never been. She must survive on her own and feels immensely better when she realizes she can borrow things she needs (not steal them) and then pass the items on to someone who needs them more than she does. And although she doesn't realize it, Valli also has some serious medical problems. Her condition could kill her, but it could also lead to her salvation.

This book will only take readers a few hours to read and I highly, highly recommend taking those few hours to read this wonderful book!

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  1. Definitely visit and link this post to my World Wednesday. I think this is an important book for students to read!