Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Skull in the Rock - Lee R. Berger & Marc Aronson

Imagine being a nine-year-old boy and discovering two two-million-year-old fossils in Africa!

In 2008, Matthew Berger and his father discover an adult female and young male fossil of a previously unknown species of ape-like creatures which may be the direct ancestor of modern humans. These  fossils may be one of our oldest ancestors. Looking at the photographs of these fossils is eerie because of the resemblance to humans!

This is a fascinating book - the pictures alone make this an interesting read. The clear, easy-to-understand text, make this accessible to both students and adults. I would be surprised if this book doesn't bring out the hidden archaeologist in you!

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  1. The cover looks eerie, but I like to read this book! I’m adding it to my tbr list now.