Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rotten by Michael Northrop

This is the latest book by Michael Northrop, author of Trapped.

Jimmer Dobbs has spent his summer at "his aunt's house" and comes back home just in time for school to begin. None of his friends believe his summer vacation story, but JD is too embarrassed to say where he really was.

When JD walks into his bedroom, he trips and almost falls on this ENORMOUS rottweiler who then begins to snarl and bark at him. It turns out that while he was away his mother rescued a dog from a very sad situation.

JD names the dog Johnny Rotten and finds that overcoming the dog's past turns out to be very difficult. Johnny was abused by his former owner and now mistrusts males.

Both Johnny and JD have had a rough time lately, and this story is about friendships and betrayals, hurtfulness and redemption.

I really enjoyed this book, but be forewarned that there is much foul language spoken between JD and his friends.

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