Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our Divergent Party

If you are interested in entering a drawing for the two Insurgent books that were left over, leave a comment about the party below. Be sure to put your first name and homeroom number in the comment. If you have difficulty leaving a comment, come to the media center and put your comment on a notecard. The two winning entries will be announced during the Friday morning announcements. This contest is for AMSB students only.

Thank you to all students and teachers who came to the party - it was so much fun to see you all enjoying yourselves!

Over fifty students and ten teachers attended our Divergent party. Students were asked to bring a donation to a local food bank. Students who donated were reminded that the Abnegation faction also served others.
Students selected buttons from a bag and were divided into six factions.
Each faction attended three activities-
In Amity, students had snacks, made friendship bracelets, blew bubbles, and put tattoos and face paint on each other. It's so nice to all get along!
Students also competed in a very Erudite game of trivia.

To win the Dauntless competition students were
very brave and daring!
All students then came back to the media center for more competitions, Ms. Benton's famous cupcakes, and prizes!


  1. The party was amazing! I wish i could come back for next years! I would like to be entered in the drawing for the left over books. i love divergent and i am sure i would love to read the second book!
    Natalie Iwaszkiewicz

  2. HI! This is Jessica Wang! The party was so fun to plan and discuss and also participate in. I will definetly come back next year if I were you. I would like to be entered in the drawing for Insurgent. Thanks.

  3. i loved this party and last years! i cant believe i have to go to the highschool next year where there wont be any more book parties or page turners! :( I loved the party though, it was amazing! and i am 100% DAUNTLESS!!! haha my friends and i even make our own initiations to accomplish during school :) thanks for everything youve done over the last 2 years. i will miss you and i hope to see you again. (You get to meet my bro next year) Anyway im Evelyn in case it doesnt say and you should keep doing the parties every year. They are an amazing way to encourage people to read

  4. I loved the Divergent party- especially the Dauntless activities (and the cupcakes!) I will definitely be coming back next year!

    Betsy F.
    Home room 2

  5. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of this incredible party! The activities were so much fun to participate in, and clearly matched some of the fractions. The connection between the activities and the actual book was so well thought out. Thank you to all of the teachers and other volunteers who planned this fantastic book party that was a pleasure to attend. I am so sad that I will not be in the middle school next year to participate in more of these book parties. Also, the cupcakes were both beautiful and delicious!

    Sarah S.
    Homeroom: 34

  6. The Party was so much fun!!!!
    And I loved reading the book Insurgent
    I liked the erudite activity and the and dauntless activity... Amity activity was also a lot of fun 2!Great Job!!!

  7. I know that the party was a few months ago, but I just wanted to say how much I loved it. It was amazing, and incredibly planned. All of the activities were extremely fun, and I cannot wait to attend this year's book party. Can't wait to hear what the book will be.


    Sophie Baum