Monday, May 13, 2013

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 1st wave: kills half a million people and destroys all electronics
The 2nd wave: massive earthquakes and tidal ways kills 3 billion people in one day
The 3rd wave: the Red Death attacks the people who are still alive
The 4th wave: adults are killed and children are taken away
The 5th wave: can't tell you, but it's worth reading the book to find out!

The aliens are here and they are out to get us.

 Sixteen-year-old Cassie is our first narrator and we follow her as she tries to keep her promise to her younger brother. As he is taken away on a school bus filled with children, she promises she will come back to get him - a promise that proves hard to keep.
Other sections of this book are told by other teenage narrators and all converge towards a mind-blowing run-for-your-lives adventure at the end of the  book.

Yancy has a way of getting readers interested from page one. At the end of every chapter, I would try to take a break and put the book down, but it's the kind of book that keeps you reading one more chapter, then another ...

This is the first in a series; I can't wait for the next!  Genius!


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  2. So sorry you're not enjoying it Max! Which dystopian book is your favorite?