Monday, May 20, 2013

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Sage is an orphan, and we first meet him as he is running through the streets trying to hold on to a huge chunk of slippery raw meat. Unfortunately for him, he is tripped and caught and taken away by Conner who uses brutal means to subdue the three boys he has taken.

Connor has searched the country for boys who look like the prince and heir to the throne who is presumed to have drowned. The King,  Queen, and older brother have all died from poisoning and a new ruler will be named. Connor, who has devious plans of his own, needs to find a boy who can deceive the noblemen to think he has found the long-lost prince.

If Sage can't convince Connor of his worthiness to be king, he will be killed. But how can he prove he is worthy? Sage is dirty, uncouth, and most of all, has a mind of his own. He also has secrets of his own.

The False Prince is filled with adventure and danger along with plot twists and turns. It definitely kept me reading and cheering for Sage throughout. This is the first in a trilogy. We have The Runaway King, and will be eagerly awaiting the final book in this series.

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