Wednesday, May 22, 2013

www.R U in by Scott Driscoll and Laurie Gifford Adams

Scott Driscoll knows what he is talking about. As law officer for over 21 years, he served on a federal task force for Internet Crimes Against Children. When he came to our school to speak to our students, it was obvious he was both passionate and knowledgeable about what can go wrong on the Internet.

In this book, Mr. Driscoll presents various scenarios, has a quick quiz at the end of each, and then discusses what should have been red flags as he dissects each Internet transaction.

We read about teenagers chatting with people they don't know, posting videos where they exploit a fellow student, and make plans to meet people they haven't met.

This is really scary stuff because the scenarios are true and when speaking with middle school students, I know a lot of this goes on and can get out of control pretty quickly.

www.R U in has been checked out regularly since we got it in the library. It's a book I would recommend to all middle school students and their parents and teachers.

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