Monday, June 3, 2013

Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza

Boys, don't be put off by the cover of this book - I think both boys and girls will enjoy this action- packed book.

Mila was built in a science laboratory and programmed to act like a normal teenager with some big exceptions.

But at first, even Mila doesn't know she isn't human. She has memories of her father who dies and has feelings just like a normal teen.

However, when she falls and breaks her arm she sees wires, tubes, and a milky white substance trickling down her arm. Unfornuately, her friends also see this and want an explanation.

Mila and her mother must now leave the small Minnesota town they live in because now that Mila's secret is out, both the scientists who made her and another group who want to use her knowledge are after her. From this point of the story on, it's a wild ride where we get to see exactly what Mila is capable of.

Throughout the story, I wondered if Mila was really human. She seems to have emotions just like a regular teen including crushes on boys, love for her parents, and a sarcastic attitude.

Read this book and meet Mila  2.0 AND Mila 3.0 - a new and improved? version. This is a fun and action-packed read!

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