Monday, June 3, 2013

Playground The Mostly True Story of a Former Bully by 50 Cent

I can't believe that I was actually so intrigued by this book that I looked up a biography of 50 Cent!

This book kept me captivated from the first page. Thirteen-year-old Butterball is a bully. He is feared by the 7th graders in his middle school and actually hurts his former best friend so badly that Maurice switches schools.

But what his classmates don't know is that Butterball's life is hard. His mother and father have divorced, and his mother is working all the time to try to give them a better life. His father, well, let's just say he's not the best role model.

I read so many books that most times I forget the details of the book a few months after reading, but I'm sure I will remember Butterball for a long, long time.

Before you pick up this book, readers should be aware of the language. These inner city characters do sound realistic and the use of some profanity is throughout this book.

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