Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Storm Runners by Roland Smith

 Chase Masters and his father try to stay one step ahead of hurricanes so Mr. Masters can make money helping homeowners rebuild their homes after the storm has done its damage.

This leads them into some very dangerous territory. Now they are staying on a farm just outside of St. Petersburg, Floridia, waiting for a stage 4 or 5 hurricane to hit. This isn't just a regular old farm, it's the winter home for a circus, including  a pregnant elephant, an unfriendly jaguar, and a monkey that is part of the family.

While waiting for the storm to hit, Chase goes to school, but students are quickly dismissed due to the impending storm. The big problem is that school busses are not the safest vehicles to travel in when there are high winds. The bus does roll over and Chase and two other students need to make it back to the farm in the middle of a stage 5 hurricane.

If you want to read a REALLY short book that will keep your  interest, then pick up this book. Just be prepared and have the sequels on hand because the Storm Runners ends on a really big cliffhanger!

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