Monday, July 29, 2013

Kindness for Weakness by Shawn Goodman

James's life sucks. His mother is fading away, living on cigarettes and alcohol, her boyfriend is an abusive meth-amphetamine addict, and his brother has set him up and is using James to help him deliver drugs.

This is the story of a sensitive fifteen-year-old who gets caught up in the state juvie system where sometimes survival means not trusting anyone. The guards often seem more brutal than the boys who are incarcerated.

Kindness for Weakness not only made me very angry, but also, so, so sad. The ending packs a wallop-it's one of the books I'll remember for a long time. I can't wait until one of my students reads this so we can talk about it.

But before you pick this book up, be aware that it contains violence and very strong language.

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