Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stung by Bethany Wiggins

I was first interested in this book because I have been concerned about our honey bee population for a few years now. If we don't have honey bees to fertilize our plants in the future, it will have devastating effects on us all.  Well, that is exactly what happens in the world in Stung. Scientists have decided they must not let honey bees disappear. But when they attempt solve this problem, their attempts have devastating effects. This is  a very unique dystopian novel that begins when scientists try to solve a very real problem.

 When Fiona wakes up and looks in the mirror she is years older than she remembers being. It seems as if she has aged a few years over night. As she looks around, her house appears to have been abandoned for years. Her mother and father are gone. And her brother, unrecognizable at first, appears to want to attack and kill her. Fiona also has a strange tattoo on her right hand.

What does the tattoo mean and why are people so afraid of her when they see it? What does it mean to be a level 10 and so dangerous that she must be handcuffed and guarded 24 hours a day?

Stung is tense, very scary, and not-to-be-missed if you are a dystopian novel fan. It has everything: romance, adventure, and most importantly, makes the reader think about what may happen when man's interference (although well intentioned) goes too far.

This is the second book I've read in a row that may be too intense for some middle school readers - so be warned!

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