Sunday, September 1, 2013

Contaminated by Em Garner

This is going to be a popular one- think Zombies with a twist!

Who wouldn't want to become thinner by just drinking a fortified water drink? First discovered by actors in Hollywood, SlimPro, became the trendy drink of the country.

Unfortunately, SlimPro had another side-effect - the drink affected the brain in such a way that people couldn't control their violent impulses. People who were "Connies" (contaminated) had to be rounded up and contained in kennels. Some Connies had treatments that killed them; others were lobotomized and couldn't even take care of themselves. Some "lucky" ones were fitted with shock collars that controlled their emotions and were allowed to leave the kennel if family members cared for them.

Velvet Ellis and her younger sister didn't drink SlimPro but their parents did. Her father died and they can't find their mother. Day after day Velvet goes through the kennels looking for her and finally finds her. She's thin, can hardly walk, and has a shock collar on. Can Velvet take care of her mother on the outside where she is hardly surviving herself? Many people are leaving their family members in the kennels because they have been told they are no longer capable of anything. But is this the truth?

Wow, this book was intense! If you are upset by disturbing books, you should skip this one. But fans of dystopian books will love it - I did! I recommend this to mature readers 8th grade and up.

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  1. I haven't heard of this book before but it sure does sound like I would
    enjoy it. I really like the cover as well.

    Ann@Blogging E-books